Stainless Steel Fabrication Workshop Opens

Cappers are pleased to announce our new clean workshop is now fully operational and producing high-quality stainless-steel pressure vessels, coils, heat exchangers, pipework, and tanks. The new dedicated stainless-steel workshop provides increased capacity to service the clean energy market and increased flexibility to work simultaneously on both stainless-steel and carbon-steel. projects. Dimensions 27m x15.5m Cranes […]

316L Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel Completed

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Large 145ton Heat Exchanger Leaves Facility


Cappers are proud to see one of our largest heat exchangers leaving our facility. With a total running weight of 145ton and nearly 3000 tubes fitted and expanded, this beast has been a real challenge and a huge success to all involved.

W.H. Capper Brand Evolves

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316L Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel Fabricated for Chemical Industry

WH Capper completes another successful 316 stainless steel reactor vessel fabrication. The vessel was manufactured with an external limpet coil and an internal helical coil. All coiling work was completed in-house with 100% radiography and DPI inspection carried out by our in-house inspection team.

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