Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessel Design & Fabrication

We have a long association with the manufacture of pressure-containing parts for industry. In May of 2000, we became one of the first manufacturers within the UK to “CE” mark vessels in accordance with The Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Obviously, it is now law, but we pride ourselves in the fact that we were at the forefront of change – grasping the new legislation. Today with continued investment in plant, equipment and more importantly personnel, we strive to remain ahead of the competition.

Industry Experts

We possess the facility, equipment and expertise required to produce vessels, columns, and heat exchangers to meet ever-changing industry requirements. As part of the overall service to customers, a full design service is provided for all types and sizes of vessels drawing on our considerable experience in vessel fabrication over many years. An impressive range of specialist equipment is held and maintained within our fabrication facility. This equipment is supported by experienced tradesmen and coded welders, using a wide range of modern welding techniques.

Although we traditionally serve the oil, gas, and chemical industries, we have extensive knowledge and design experience with many agitated, jacketed vessels, in both carbon and stainless steel for the food-related products industry.

Vessels can be designed and fabricated in virtually any size up to road transport limits. Frequently, we build units for subsequent rubber lining, epoxy coatings, and sophisticated polymer-based linings, incorporating specialist preparation requirements front end at the design stage.

Benefits include CNC Fully Automated Cutting Equipment, Laser Guided Fully Automated Submerged Arc Welding Technology, ISO 9001 Accredited, and ASME U Stamp Accreditation (within the group).

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