65+ Years of Coil Manufacture Experience

Coiling has been at the heart of our business for almost 70 years. To meet the ever-increasing demand for coiling and tubular manipulated products, we invested in new plants and machinery, which has effectively doubled our capacity. With our revised range of machinery, we can offer forming of tube sizes, from 0.5″ NB to 6″ NB, with wall thicknesses from Sch 5, to Sch 160.

Range of materials

Diameters may vary, depending on wall thicknesses and material. The largest coil we have manufactured was 7 meters in diameter. We can coil most materials including Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels, Chrome Moly, Incoloy, Inconnel, Hastelloy, Monel, Duplex, and Copper. Coils are formed cold throughout the entire range.

We also have extensive experience in finned tube rolling and forming for WHRU’s (waste heat recovery units), predominantly for shipping and offshore service applications. Details are available on request.

We also manufacture ICI’s standard range of galvanised Vaporiser coils for 200#, 1/2-ton, 1 ton & 2-ton Chlorine Vaporiser units.

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